Kozyndan documentary


Playing Time: 19 min 44 sec

Publication Date: 2006

Abstract: This film was commissioned by Sony as part of the Sony PlayStation Season at BALTIC.
Edited and directed by Gary Malkin

Contributors in order of appearance:

Erik Nakamura - Publisher and Editor of Giant Robot
Oliver Luckett - Art Collector
Caryn Coleman - Co-owner of sixspace gallery, LA
Daedelus (AKA Alfred Darlington) - Musician
Jesus de Francisco - Designer/animator at Motion Theory
Grady Hall - Creative Director at Motion Theory
Pedro Alonzo - Curator of Spank the Monkey an exhibition featuring Kozyndan

(NOTE: Because this film has been made in HD format the file sizes are very large. Even though the movie is designed to play automatically you may wish to pause your media player for a few seconds before viewing to avoid rebuffering. You will also need the latest version of QuickTime to play this)

Format: MPEG 4

Related Artist: Kozyndan [www.kozyndan.com]

Related Events: Playstation Season Launch; Spank the Monkey (27 September 2006 - 7 January 2007)

Related Gallery: BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art [www.balticmill.com]

URL: http://archive.balticmill.com/index.php?itemid=37102