A challenge to whitewashed art


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Publication Date: 28/02/2006

Abstract: A challenge to whitewashed art African-American painter Kerry James Marshall, born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1955, is a man with a mis-" sion, and that mission has to do with a driven need to depict the social and political realities of black people in America.

When he was growing up, it became evident to him that black people had seldom been present in paintings of the past, except in subordinate roles - as, slaves or faithful retainers. In music, the situation was quite different. Black musicians jazz singers, horn blowers, piano players, guitar pickers, rappers - have often towered over their white counterparts. Why did something similar not happen in painting? The answer lies, according to Marshall, in the white supremacism of the museum culture. Musicians were not dependent on the pale-faced middle man to anything like the same extent.

Author: Michael Glover

Format: Review

Issue: 28.02.2006

Language: English

Month: February 2006

Publication: Financial Times [http://news.ft.com/home/uk]

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